My name is Marcus Whitaker and I co-founded FamilyHood with my best friend and local Atlanta artist, Jake Llaurado. FamilyHood is a community of people that are actively seeking to be more involved with their city and the people within it. The idea was hatched after witnessing the growing social barriers in Atlanta. Because I am a diehard fan of ATL and Jake is a passionate artist, we believe that art is the perfect medium to bring people in the city together. Why? Because it’s visual creation that can impact all people. Because it doesn’t have a language barrier. Because it doesn’t have to be a certain color.

FamilyHood empowers local artists to unite, collaborate, and showcase their work to the community and in turn, expose the diverse art scene to the people of Atlanta. We curate art shows involving creatives who express themselves through limitless forms of media and share their work to the public. We ensure each show gives people from all races, sexes, genders, social statuses, etc. a platform to express their creative endeavors and meet like-minded artists. Our mission is to break down social barriers and bring people together, no matter what background or neighborhood they're from. We want to celebrate the talent that is cultivated in the city we live in while inspiring others to create their own success.

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