Local art is something that speaks for the community and gives you an insight to what the people of an area are experiencing. Art has expressed the way we feel for tens of thousands of years and it's one of the most beautiful things we can support in one another.

Michael Forde, Jake Llaurado and Marcus Whitaker started FamilyHood out of a mutual love for the local creative scene and the community in itself. We believe that the community we live in can become stronger if we all come together and support one another, especially in the art scene. The events that we put on embrace all genres of music and media of art as a reminder that art is an endless spectrum and needs to be appreciated on all levels. We believe that art unites us and breaks down the many barriers that exist in this day of age. It doesn't matter what neighborhood you live in or social group you belong to, we can all come together and enjoy each other's company in the presence of each other's creativity and passions.

FamilyHood is what we call ourselves as that's what we feel best describes us - a family closely related through creative energy and friendship. Our goal is to create a community that embraces positivity, diversity, and creativity. We hope we can meet you at one of our next events so be sure to follow us on social media at @familyhoodatl to stay up to date with the latest happenings!

Our Story

Bothered by the growing gentrification and social barriers in Atlanta, Marcus Whitaker was inspired to host events that showcased music & art of all genres in an effort to bring together a diverse crowd.  The idea of FamilyHood was born after a few glasses of wine with local musician Michael Forde (Bazo Grey) and devising a plan on this will be done. We loved the idea of mashing things that typically aren't seen together so people can be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking.  Diverse art and uniting different communities of Atlanta? That's FamilyHood.

After successfully hosting a few music events, Marcus ran into Jake Llaurado at Lowes, Jake's place of employment, while getting plywood for a stage he was building.  Jake just moved to Atlanta from Miami three weeks prior and was eager to make some new friends.  While cutting the plywood, Jake inquired was the wood was being used for.  Marcus explained the mission behind FamilyHood and the events he organizes which immediately intrigued Jake.  Jake showed him photos his paintings and how he also has started projects in the past to inspire the community and unite people for the greater good in the world.  

In January 2017, Jake Llaurado and Marcus Whitaker teamed up to host the first FamilyHood ATL Art Show while Michael Forde went on to form his solo project, Bazo Grey.  Together, they created a lineup of illustrators, photographers, painters, and mixed media artists.  Marcus and Jake believe in the power of consistency and have since hosted a local group showcase every month so the community can come together more often around the incredible creative scene in Atlanta. They continue to find new ways of exhibiting art and showing off how much they love the city they live.  You can catch them at local art events in Atlanta or having brews on the beltline.